The Neuroscience of Clarity, Confidence & Creativity

Bill Crawford

October 10, 2020 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM 
Eligible Credits: 2
Location: Virtual - Laguna Hills, CA

Session Description:

We all know that today, people are feeling more stressed than ever, and that this is having a negative effect on all aspects of life. To address this, I think we need more than “stress management.” We need a system that teaches participants how to access our clarity, confidence, and creativity by accessing a specific part of the brain… and, how to avoid the stress and frustration that gets in the way of good decision making by avoiding a specific part of the brain.

Session Objectives:

  1. How to shift to the clear, confident, creative part of the brain even in difficult situations.
  2. How to stay in this effective “mind set” regardless of the situation.
  3. How to engage others in such a way that they shift from their “resistant brain” to their “receptive brain” so that they can truly hear and understand what you are wanting them to know.

Expect to Learn:

  1. Why many “stress management” techniques don’t work and can even make the situation worse.
  2. Learn new information about the true cause of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.
  3. Learn how to influence others by understanding how their brain processes information.



Course Type: Lecture