Initial Publiations

Curriculum Vitae
Endodontics at the Crossroads
Endodontic Biofilms
Imaging of Endodontic Biofilms by Combined Microscopy
The Operating Microscope in Endodontics - Gary B. Carr and Carlos A.F. Murgel
The Operating Microscope in Endodontics - Gary B. Carr and Arnaldo Castellucci

Bayes and Probability

A Dirty Dozen: Twelve P-Value Misconceptions
Commentary: The P-value, devalued
Evidence and Scientific Research
From the Editor
How Statistical Expertise Is Used in Medical Research
Mindless statistics
Of P-Values and Bayes: A Modest Proposal
Plausible Reasoning
The Difference Between “Significant” and “Not Significant” is not Itself Statistically Significant
Toward Evidence-Based Medical Statistics 1: The P Value Fallacy
Why Most Published Research Findings Are False


Bacterial Plurality as a General Mechanism Driving Persistence in Chronic Infections
From Koch’s postulates to biofilm theory. The lesson of Bill Costerton
Imaging of endodontic biofilms by combined microscopy
Microbial Analysis in Primary and Persistent Endodontic Infections by Using Pyrosequencing
New Approaches for Isolation of Previously Uncultivated Oral Bacteria
Persisters: a distinct physiological state of E. coli
Persister Cells and the Paradox of Chronic Infections
Population-level virulence factors amongst pathogenic bacteria: relation to infection outcome
The evolutionary emergence of stochastic phenotype switching in bacteria
What makes pathogens pathogenic


Anniversary Paper: Evaluation of medical imaging systems
Artifacts in CT: Recognition and Avoidance
Bayesian Analysis Revisited: A Radiologist's Survival Guide
What is Cone-Beam CT and How Does it Work?